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Digital NFT tokens
backed by physical gold

GDE Gold (gold) is a digital NFT asset launched by GD Exchange. Each NFT token represents 1 troy ounce of gold bar for Good Delivery in London.
NFTGold holders can transfer NFTGold from the issuing wallet to any on-chain address after purchase. The corresponding gold bar will be connected to the specific on-chain address where the gold is stored

Digital NFT shares anchored by physical gold?

The GOLD NFT digital stock launched by the global digital exchange company. Each GOLD NFT share represents a troy ounce of London Good Delivery Gold Bar. After purchase, holders can transfer GOLD NFT. shares from the issued wallet to any on-chain address. The corresponding gold bars will be connected to the specific on-chain address where GOLD is stored.

Independent distribution

Each GOLD NFT represents ownership of 1 troy ounce of physical gold. Thus, the holder will have undivided ownership of the gold on a particular bullion. Distributed gold is identifiable by its independent serial number, purity and weight. GOLD holders can check the details of the gold bars linked to their addresses at any time by checking the website.

Multiple redemption options

GOLD holders only need to complete the certification process of T company and hold a certain amount of GOLD, they can request to exchange physical gold. Holders can request physical gold to be sent to their designated address in Switzerland, or request the company to attempt to sell the gold and get the cash equivalent. The company will charge a smaller fee.

24/7 customer support

Our customer service team provides 7/24 support, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is NFT Gold?

GD Gold provides digital NFT assets traded by GDl Exchange. An NFT token represents an ounce of gold on a London Good Delivery Bar. The NFT token is unique, which proves the warrant.

What are the benefits of owning physical assets on the blockchain?

Owning physical assets on the blockchain provides the holder with the combined benefits of both physical and digital assets. NFT token holders will be able to enjoy gold ownership while avoiding the disadvantages associated with physical gold, such as high storage costs and limited accessibility.

How to buy GD Gold?

You need to have a verified account at GD Exchange. The account can be opened here. The minimum purchase allowed is 1 NFT. The price is about $999). All purchases will be in U.S. dollars.

Can I get a small amount of Gold Tokens?

GD Gold tokens can be traded within the limits allowed by the exchange. You can see a list of exchanges that support GD Gold tokens at the end of the page.

What is NFT Gold Digital Insurance?

Each NFT gold is already insured, and the rise and fall of the NFT gold price does not affect the purchase price conversion, double protection.

What is NFT Gold Digital Insurance Dividend?

There is digital insurance for holding NFT gold. Each of them has dividends, and the dividends are different according to the insurance head.
Static income 200% guarantee period of 5 years.
Dynamic income 200%-800% market behavior,

What is the hosting fee?

There are no escrow fees, just a one-time fee of 25 bps when you purchase NFTs from GD Exchange and certain additional fees on redemption (described below).

How do I redeem my NFT GD Gold tokens?

You need to have a verified account at GD Exchange, which can be opened here.
You must hold a whole gold bar worth of tokens to request a redemption. If your tokens are distributed across a whole bar of gold, the number of tokens you can exchange is equal to the number of troy ounces of gold contained in your bar. If your tokens are not allocated to the whole bullion,
We usually ask you to deposit 999 USD or USDIT to ensure that you have enough tokens to exchange for the entire bullion. Our Gold Bars (like all LBMA's Gold Bars). Once you make a deposit, we will redistribute your tokens to one or more full Gold Bars (and possibly a part of another Gold Bar). Redemption will be made based on the actual number of troy fine ounces contained in your bullion. One NFT token per troy ounce of gold.
When the holder redeems the physical gold, he or she will be able to take physical title to the gold at the Swiss location of their choice, or ask Global Digital Exchange. to attempt to sell the gold and to sell the gold from that sale (minus the fees of Global Digital Exchange.) .

If the holder asks Global Digital Exchange to deliver physical gold ?

Global Digital Exchange will arrange for the safe transportation of physical gold to the Swiss delivery location requested by the NFT holder. TPML will charge 25 basis points of gold value, plus delivery fees, when redeeming NFT tokens in the Swiss gold market.
If a holder asks Global Digital Exchange to try to sell their physical gold, it will try to do so in the Swiss gold market. If gold is sold successfully
Global Digital Exchange d.o.o. provides the holder with the proceeds of this sale, less a fee of 25 basis points of the proceeds of the sale. Proceeds from the sale will be wire transferred to the holder in USD.

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