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  • What is GD Exchange?
    GD Exchange is a global digital exchange company established in 2018, headquartered in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and approved and registered by the Croatian state. GD Exchange is suitable for any type of digital NFT transactions, including: NFT digital stocks, digital real estate, digital artwork, digital insurance policies, digital products, etc. GDE aims to be a "leader in the development of blockchain NFT transactions", always customer-centric and customer-centric. The main business of digital trading is to do superb digital trading expertise, innovate products and services, improve customer experience, and continue to increase value. NFT digital transactions actively serve the real economy and people's livelihood security, insurance protection, and business covers different projects in different countries and regions. At the same time, participate in the construction of a multi-level medical system, respond to the challenges of population aging, support blockchain digital insurance, help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, implement investment projects with social and environmental benefits, and escort the development and improvement of people's lives. people's well-being.
  • How do I add a question?
    To add a question wqfqwf, go to the app settings and tap the "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can I insert pictures into the FAQ?
    Yes! Follow these simple steps to add an image: Go to app settings Click the Manage Questions button Click on the question you want to attach a picture to When editing a question, click the icon and add an image from the gallery
  • What are NFT digital shares?
    NFT Digital stock An NFT digital stock or capital stock is a marketable security through which a company limited by shares allocates its ownership. Because a joint stock limited company needs to raise long-term funds, it issues shares to investors as part of the ownership certificate of the company's capital, and becomes a shareholder to receive dividends or/and dividends, and to share the profits brought about by the company's growth or trading market fluctuations; but also To share the risks posed by the company's operating errors.
  • How does my company IPO?
    Yes, GD Exchange supports and guides scientific and technological innovation enterprises to develop better, maintains the openness, fairness and impartiality of the securities market, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Related laws, administrative regulations, and normative documents The first listing of any corporate digital stock on GDExchange. The issuer should apply and sign a listing agreement with GDExchange,
  • How are listing rules different from securities?
    Yes, for your listed corporate NFT digital assets, please refer to the terms of the listing rules
  • What are NFT digital shares?
    It is a digital equity certificate issued by an enterprise on the blockchain. It's unique. As long as the chain exists, your NFT records cannot be tampered with, erased or lost. In the contract that issues the NFT token, this will be recorded. The identification information of the pass may be just a string of IDs, or it may be marked with more information to prove the specific digital assets that the pass can represent.
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  • What are digital NFT offers?
    Universal NFT benefits issued using blockchain technology. It means that the holder gets the coupon and can trade it on the exchange. Point-to-point precise teaching advertisement
  • What are the benefits of digital NFT coupons?
    It avoids consumers' suspicion about product quality and high original price. . Attracts purchase conversions from customers of competing brands. Different from other traditional advertising media. GDE Exchange is available for sale.Exchange
  • What is one-stop service?
    Supports more than any coupon digital asset All coupons are stored in a secure wallet Support 7x24 digital asset transactions Track Charts and Prices of Coupon Digital Assets Store stable coupon digital assets to avoid market fluctuations Earn coupon digital assets by holding positions Store your anonymous coupon digital assets privately and securely Buy more coupon digital assets with your credit card Exchange or trade assets in the app in just seconds
  • How much consumption can I get the discount pass?
    50 euros will be converted into a currency of the same value as the consumption amount to generate a tradable discount pass
  • Do I have to spend 50 Euros to get a tradable discount token?
    Yes, every time you spend $50, you will generate a discount pass. For example, if you spend 100 euros, you will have 2 discount passes. If you spend 149 euros, you will also have 2 discount passes. Only when you spend 50 euros, you can have 1 discount pass. .Consumer payment payment is successful and at the same time generate and receive,
  • What Digital currency is used for payment? Digital currency USDIT.
    Do consumers need to buy discount tokens? No, after using digital currency to pay for the consumption payment, the preferential pass will be automatically received.
  • Where are discount tokens traded?
    The world's 3 largest exchanges, link below
  • How much is the transaction price of the preferential token
    Decide the price of the pending order by yourself. [Same as stock]
  • What is the transaction currency?
    Real-time exchange rate between USDIT and Euro
  • What Digital wallet?
    A crypto wallet is hardware or software that interacts with a blockchain to store or trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Is the discount token price floating?
    Yes, it is the market transaction form,
  • Can any user buy it?
    Yes, preferential tokens circulate globally,
  • Can discount tokens be used at merchants?
    It can only be exchanged into digital currency for trading,
  • What are settlement order coupons?
    Coupons are a common promotion method for all sellers, and the setting threshold is relatively low. Coupons allow you to create discounts for individual products or a group of products, and you can also enjoy automatic promotion services provided by . The transaction and transfer that make consumers feel at ease is a good helper for you to promote your products.
  • How Settlement Order Coupons Work
    Use the blockchain coupon system program to increase the corresponding settlement order pass; use the settlement order pass to issue. The user is granted the issuance authority, and the smart contract is used to generate the transaction and write it into the blockchain; according to the issuance authority and issuance rules, the settlement The traditional electronic coupon system needs to pay extra commission, data information is monopolized, opaque and other problems. The settlement order pass determines the transaction right, which is an order voucher generated on the blockchain, allowing consumers to trade and transfer with confidence; allowing merchants to obtain completed coupon consumption tracks, and effectively statistically analyze and data mine. Technical field
  • Distributed ledger technology
    Background technique Blockchain technology, blockchain is a new type of decentralized distributed ledger that can safely store digital currency Transaction or other data and information cannot be forged and tampered with, using blockchain technology to realize electronic coupons in merchants Issuance, circulation and use do not require a central agency, which can prevent fraudulent incidents and provide merchants with more convenience, Autonomous, efficient and low-cost services. The main disadvantages of traditional e-coupon systems are: 1. Merchants are limited by the validity period and number of issuances, lacking flexible circulation capacity and autonomy. 2. There is a central organization, and additional commissions or commissions need to be paid. 3. The transaction data is monopolized by giants, the data transparency is not high, and merchants cannot effectively statistically analyze and data mine
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