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NFT Digital Coupons

NFT Digital discount pass is a form of electronic currency issued by merchants. , collectively referred to as NFT, that is, non-fungible tokens (Non-Fungible Token), refers to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and artworks, on the basis of protecting their digital copyrights, to realize Authentic and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use. NFT is a non-homogeneous token, indivisible and unique.



What is a Digital NFT coupon token?

Universal NFT benefits issued using blockchain technology. It means that the holder gets the coupon and can trade it on the exchange. Point-to-point precise teaching advertisement


How to issue coupon tokens?

If you are a merchant and register as a member of DOLLAR, you can issue it.



Where is the Exchange?

Immediately trade on the GDE exchange, the exchange charges a 1% transaction fee, and supports a variety of digital wallets


Suitable industries for NFT coupons

Media industry: Sports industry:
Film and television industry: Music industry:
Garment Industry: Food and beverage industry:
Automobile industry: Real estate industry:
Museum:   Art industry:




What is Discount Token?
In the digital space, unique digital credentials can be generated based on blockchain.
It is a preferential pass for merchants to consumers

How much consumption can I get the discount pass?
50 euros will be converted into a currency of the same value as the consumption amount to generate a tradable discount pass.

Do I have to spend 50 Euros to get a tradable discount token?

Yes, each consumption of 50 euros will generate a discount pass. For example, if you spend 100 euros, you will have 2 discount passes

.Consumption of 149 euros also has 2 discount passes. Each consumption of 50 euros can have 1 discount pass

.Consumer payment payment is successful and at the same time generate and receive,

What digital currency is used for payment?

Digital CurrencyUSDIT..USDT

Do consumers need to buy discount tokens?

No, after using digital currency to pay for the consumption payment, the preferential pass will be automatically received.

Where are discount tokens traded?

The world's 3 largest exchanges,
link below

​How much is the transaction price of the preferential token?
Decide the price of the pending order by yourself. [Same as stock]
What is the transaction currency?
Real-time exchange rate between USDIT and Euro. What digital wallet?
A crypto wallet is hardware or software that interacts with the blockchain to store or trade cryptocurrencies
Is the discount token price floating?
Yes, it is the market transaction form,
Can any user buy it?
Yes, preferential tokens circulate globally,
Can discount tokens be used at merchants?
It can only be exchanged into digital currency for trading,
What is a settlement order coupon? How to use the coupon?
Coupons take advantage of consumers’ psychology of looking for cheap and picking up cheap, attracting consumers to click, and then converting them into orders.
Therefore, setting up coupons has a good effect on product conversion rate, and the function of coupons is very flexible.

Billing order coupons allow you to set a maximum spend, choose a deadline, and choose the discount amount and type,

What are settlement order coupons?
Coupons are a common promotion method for all sellers, and the setting threshold is relatively low.

Coupons allow you to create discounts for individual items or groups of items and also benefit from automatic promotions provided by

Serve. The transaction and transfer that make consumers feel at ease is a good helper for you to promote your products.

How Settlement Order Coupons Work
Use the blockchain coupon system program to increase the corresponding settlement order pass; use the settlement order pass to issue.

The user is granted the issuance authority, and uses the smart contract to generate transactions and write them into the blockchain; according to the issuance authority,

Issuing rules, to solve the traditional electronic coupon system need to pay additional commissions, data information is monopolized,

issues of opacity. The settlement order certificate determines the transaction right, which is the order certificate generated on the blockchain.

Reassure consumers of transactions and transfers; allow merchants to obtain completed coupon consumption tracks,

Effective statistical analysis and data mining.

   technical field
Decentralized blockchain distributed ledger technology, a general electronic coupon issuance method based on blockchain.

Background technique
Blockchain technology, blockchain is a new type of decentralized distributed ledger that can safely store digital currency

Transaction or other data and information cannot be forged and tampered with, using blockchain technology to realize electronic coupons in merchants

Issuance, circulation and use do not require a central agency, which can prevent fraudulent incidents and provide merchants with more convenience,

Autonomous, efficient and low-cost services.

The main disadvantages of traditional e-coupon systems are:
1. Merchants are limited by the validity period and number of issuances, lacking flexible circulation capacity and autonomy.
2. There is a central organization, and additional commissions or commissions need to be paid.
3. The transaction data is monopolized by the giants, the data transparency is not high, and the merchants cannot effectively statistically analyze and data mine.

District partner
How do district partners get commissions?
The partner is the regional business, and the commission is the ratio of the operating income of the district and the city.
District partner contract bonus plan?
District partners are certified up to 80% of regional income
How can I join the district partner?
Applications for Membership,

Can third-party websites integrate APIs?

Yes. Third-party websites integrate NFT coupon pass
Open platform API realizes issuance transaction function

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